So the Church Can Change!

How many times have we heard it?  The church will not change.  The church is stuck in the past?  If change does happen at all in the church, it will be s-l-o-w.  You have undoubtedly heard the same sort of things, right?

But, friends, we just proved this whole theory wrong!  The vast majority of churches just made a seismic change.  Virtually overnight, the church pivoted from offering onsite worship services to online worship services.  Granted, some churches pivoted more willingly than others, but nonetheless, they indeed pivoted.  Therefore, we have proven to the world that the CHURCH CAN INDEED CHANGE!

Now here is the caution.  We changed because we had no choice.  We either offered worship online or we did not offer worship at all.  We changed out of necessity.  As church buildings begin to open again, what will be your church’s response?  When we have choices again, will we settle back into what is comfortable or easiest?  Or, will we use what we have learned through this pivot to regain focus?

Busting the myth that the church can’t change, all possibilities are now open before you.  What you do with those possibilities will again be a pivotal time.  Will you pivot to the next faithful change or will you pivot back to the old ways?  Will you see the possibilities in offering both an onsite and an online ministry?  Will the church be willing to see this as a possibility for a relaunch with a pivot towards reaching new people or going back to the building to sing KumBaYah with those who were already gathered?

You have proven you can indeed change!  What will you do with this golden opportunity?