Unpacking Church Innovation

The word innovation has been used more frequently the last few years in the church world.  I’ve found the reactions to its usage to be quite fascinating.  Some find the […]

Innovating Starts with Your Ears

Remember when you first became interested in that special someone?  The two of you would spend hours together listening to stories about one another.  You had insatiable curiosity about one […]

Innovating for Love

What church doesn’t want to new people to start coming on Sunday, right?  But what is the underlying reason for that desire to reach new people?  Are we looking for […]

The Colossal Crisis in Church Leadership

While we would all like to report and ultimately experience something different, we all know the alarming statistics.  Fewer people are choosing to become part of clergy leadership (especially younger […]

Strategic Ministry Planning

We blinked and it was summer and now the crisp fall season is in full swing.  Before this season slips away, be sure your leadership makes time for the critical […]

A Fresh Approach to Cooperative Parishes

The idea of cooperative parishes is nothing new.  In the past couple of decades, they have most commonly been used to solve an appointive dilemma. In other words, when a […]

Shifts Happen

Yep, that’s right . . . shift happens.  And most of the time we didn’t even see it coming – or going for that matter.  It just happened slowly over […]