Are you feeling dizzy from all the pivoting you have been doing for the past two plus years?  Does it feel like all you are doing is putting one foot in front of the other and just getting through each day?  Does the idea of planning sound like a joke since every day something else changes?

When do you take time out to catch your breath, change the view, and have a different conversation with someone who is outside your day-to-day interactions?  This time to slow down, take a 10,000 feet view, and have a conversation with an advocate who can provide valuable feedback, deep listening and outside perspective is absolutely critical for leaders at least once or twice a month.  This interaction is called coaching and should not be reserved for only when you are going through a rough or foggy patch. Coaching is a basic leadership tool every great leader must have in their tool box.

Coaching provides focus.  Focus is essential to leadership effectiveness and fruitfulness.  Focus is one of the benefits demonstrated in the real power of coaching.  Coaching provides someone, different from the client, living in a different paradigm, with different frames of reference, coming along side to shine a laser focus on the client’s goals, challenges, and desired results.  The coach keeps the client on the client’s desired path and provides encouragement, course correction when needed, map reference when called for, and detours when the client calls for it.

Coaching is a proven leadership tool used by top leaders in all walks of life from churches to nonprofits to the corporate board room to the sports field to produce more fruitful results and bring out the very best in the client.  Common coaching approaches empower a client to create goals, address issues and produce focus and fruitfulness within the context the client sets, closing the gap between where the client is currently and where the client desires to be. 

If you would welcome a partner in your pursuit for a time to focus each month so you can find your footing to be more fruitful and effective and a partner focusing on your strengths, your goals, your desired results, your fruitfulness… then coaching is designed just for you.

What exactly is the return on the investment in coaching?  If you are curious, click here for a free report on how coaching pays dividends on the investment.  If you are interested in investing in yourself and your leadership development through coaching, contact Kay Kotan about starting your coaching journey.