Information Junkie

We are a society that is bombarded with information continuously.  We used to have to pick up an encyclopedia to look up information.  We now simpley "Google" or "Bing" it to find out virutally anything imaginable.  Information is at our fingertips 24/7/365.  Yet, I wonder how we filter that information and apply it as needed.  Sometimes we simply want to know something out of curiousity or trivia reasons.  Yet other times we seek informaion based on a need such as a repair or purchase.  Other times we surf the net or read books because we seek to transform ourselves in some way.  This might be becoming better organized, more fit, time management, growing as a leader, gaining more effectiveness, etc.  The interesting thing to me is the lack of application.  We have become information junkies without action.  We have instantaneous access to all the information we could possibley want.  Yet, we don't take the time to apply what we have discovered or learned. Think of all of the books, binders and training materials on your bookshelf and stored on your computer.  How have you taken your learnings to the next level and actually applied them?  How are you different because of what you reached out to learn?  What is the ROI (return on investment) of the time you spent learning?  Who is holding you accountable for the application of your learning?  Are you using the excuse of more learning to keep you from application and accountability?  Maybe we need to do less learning and more applying!  Take some time to reflect….  I find it very powerful to spend time on our own "balconies" of life on a regular basis to make sure we are really being and becoming all we were designed to be and become.

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