There is a growing curiosity from church leaders about Simplified, Accountable Structure.  The need for swift decisions during COVID drove more leaders to consider the model along with fewer people available to fill leadership slots.  But all too often, churches jump into this model of structure too quickly and without being fully informed.  They usually have some awareness of the technical changes this means for the congregation, but often have little to no realization of the adaptive changes the congregation will face.  Additionally, to walk a congregation through the process of adopting a more Simplified Structure, it is critical to also understand the importance of also adopting the Accountable Leadership Model. 

While leaders are often seeking the Simplified, Accountable Structure as a means to solve some sort of issue within the church, they unknowingly walk right into another (often bigger) issue if they aren’t careful.  Rushing into the adoption of the model starts a congregation off with a suspicious, unhealthy start to what could have otherwise been a strategy that may very well have helped the church become more missionally focused.  Slowing the process of discernment down to include prayer, congregational conversations to share information and answer questions, small groups providing feedback, and plenty of time for multiple modes of communication provides transparency, trust, and a deeper level of comfort and understanding.

If you are entertaining the idea of moving to a Simplified, Accountable Structure in 2023, now is the time to start the discerning phase.  Don’t wait until this summer or worse yet when your fall charge conference pack arrives.  It will be too late!  An introduction to the Simplified, Accountable Structure model is a tool created to help congregations who are beginning the exploration process.  This 60-minute video will provide an overview of the model and outline the three phases of adopting the model:  Discerning, Equipping, and Implementing.  The steps for getting started, common challenges of the model, and the four areas of focus for the new leadership board are also identified.

Don’t leave the understanding of the model a mystery for your congregation. Walk through the process with transparency using healthy steps developed through working with hundreds of congregations throughout the country.  Access this invaluable resource HERE today.  Find other valuable resources, tools, and assistance on Simplified, Accountable Structure here to help you with your discernment journey.