On Demand Webinars

Connecting is Key: Stop Losing People in the Black Hole

This 47-minute webinar provides a Guide to Connecting People Relationally in a Faith Community,  Key points include:

  1. Before and After the Connection
  2. The Great Opportunity
  3. Key Principles of Connection
  4. Importance of the Connector
  5. Getting Started

Missional Hubs:

One-hour webinar detailing how to launch or take missional hubs to the next level.  Key points include:

  1. Connecting as Churches
  2. Casting a Shared Vision
  3. Creating a Shared Ministry
  4. Evaluating Effectiveness

Ten Most Common Things that Stunt Church Growth:

During this 40-minute webinar discover the ten most common issues that keep churches from growing and reaching new people.  Key points include:

  1. Paying attention to these ten items can increase likeness of vitality
  2. Top ten are simple, but not easy to overcome
  3. Take baby steps
  4. Persistence pays off: address one item at a time

Transitions:  New Pastor’s Arrival:  An Opportunity for IMPACT! for Laity Leaders:

One-hour webinar identifies all the opportunities laity can take advantage of during a pastoral transition.  Key points include:

  1. Fresh eyes
  2. Ownership of mission & vision
  3. Communication
  4. Know thyself
  5. Know the community
  6. Relationship building

Collaborative Preparation Guide:

The purpose of this Collaborative Preparation Guide is to help establish a clear preliminary lay of the land, provide clear next steps to prepare for and receive the new in-coming pastor, and provide the opportunity for a fresh laity perspective on the future of the church towards God’s preferred future.

Launching Leaders: Taking Leadership Development to New Heights:

During this 50-minute webinar you will first discover why a leadership development process is needed and who is responsible for leading it.  Next, the six leadership traits will be unpacked, the six spiritual practices of a leader will be named, and how the traits and practices connect will be identified.  In addition, a leadership development process will be introduced and why each step in the process is important.  Key points include:

  1. Why a leadership development process is needed
  2. Leadership Traits
  3. Spiritual Practices
  4. The steps in the leadership development process
  5. Putting a process in place to develop a leadership pipeline

Ten Strategies for Turning First-Time Guests into Returning Guests:

This 40-minute webinar will cover ten key strategies for first-time guests to experience great first impressions and turn them into returning guests.  Key points include:

  1. Much easier to retain a first-time guest than to create a new one
  2. Discover the secrets for retention
  3. Unlock the keys to these important steps

Strategic Ministry Planning:

This one-hour webinar outlines why strategic ministry planning retreats are important and the various elements that are included in strategic planning.  Key points include:

  1. The five elements of strategic planning
  2. How to plan a strategic ministry planning retreat
  3. How to conduct a strategic ministry planning retreat
  4. Steps for following up after a strategic ministry planning retreat

Connecting with your Community Through Bridge Events:

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn the ins and outs of a bridge event and how to leverage every step in the planning, implementation, and follow up for the best Kingdom impact possible.  Key points include:

  1. What is a bridge event?
  2. Why would a church plan a bridge event?
  3. How does a church host a bridge event?
  4. What’s next after the bridge event?

Effective Cooperative Parishes:

This hour-long webinar provides an overview of the process for congregations to use to determine if a cooperative parish is the faithful next step for their church.  Key points include:

  1. Discernment of Cooperation
  2. Cooperating Through Shared Vision
  3. Cooperating Through Ministry
  4. Cooperating Through Resources
  5. Cooperating Through Strategic Alignment
  6. Cooperating Through Judicatory Plinth

Overview of Congregational Visioning:

In this hour webinar, each participant will be exposed to a complete overview of a congregational approach to the visioning approach. Key points include:

  1. Why Vision?
  2. When should a congregation vision?
  3. Vision prep work
  4. The visioning day
  5. Visioning follow up

Gear Up:

This hour-long webinar, learn the ins and outs of church processes and procedures and how they are vital to church health. Key points include:

  1. Why processes and systems matter
  2. How they work together
  3. Nine essential processes every church needs to run optimally