SAS Coach Certification

With more and more churches turning to simplified, accountable structure, there is an ever increasing need for training and coaching.Unfortunately, we are finding that many of the churches who have or are transitioning into this model, do so poorly because leaders are moving into it without the proper tools, training, and coaching.  Having a healthy structure to support vital ministry is critically important. Too often, moving into simplified structure poorly is often the final nail in the coffin for a church.  

In walking alongside hundreds of churches across the country in moving to this model, I have seen how having a healthy, simplified, and accountable structure can actually provide the  support and focus to be the catalyst to turn around a church. It is because of this that I feel convicted that we need to get better tools into the hands of the leaders who are working this model. That’s why I have created SAS Coach Certification. Together, let’s build a national team of coaches who can equip and coach church leaders to have a healthy simplified, accountable structure!

  • Trained to lead SAS workshops
  • Trained in model to coach local churches transitioning to SAS structure
  • Trained in model to coach local churches in first-year SAS Churches
  • Potholes to avoid
  • Certified Coaches will be a member of National SAS Coaching Team
  • Quarterly Team Meetings
  • Access to updated resources
  • Email access for on-going questions and support
  • Latest learnings and trends
  • More accessible SAS coaching and
    equipping for local churches
  • Conference has SAS trained and certified
    coaches ready to dispatch
  • More churches implementing SAS well
  • More mission-focused churches
  • SAS resource access for SAS Coaches
  • On-going support & problem-solving
  • Coaches trained by author who has trained and coached hundreds of
    pastors & churches in SAS for a decade
  • Latest training and materials
  • Min. 250 workshop participants per year
  • Only Certified SAS Coaches using SAS resources & leading SAS workshops
  • Each workshop participant will be provided a Mission Possible book purchased from author for $15
  • SAS Coach Certification Training provided virtually for $500 per person
    or $2500 for team of 6-8 ($300 additional team participants)
  • Onsite SAS Coach Certification Training
    available & quoted on request