What kind of training do you provide?

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 ICF-approved Coach Training

Leadership Development

Strategic Planning

Coach-Approach to Supervision

Simplified, Accountable Structure

Coaching Training


Staff Retreat

Whether you seek something tailored and unique or are need us to provide it, we
have you covered!

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What a weekend! Your guidance from beginning to end was so comfortable. I have never gotten so comfortable with a group to "bare" my soul to them. Part was the women who attended, but most of it was your guiding us to a trust level of mammoth proportions. Thank you for allowing us to look inside ourselves to find a comfort level of "grace." God has blessed you with a wonderful talent, and we were blessed that you shared it with us, to help us feel his love and grace. 

Joann P, Retreat Participant


As I fully expected (having attended other courses you taught) the retreat weekend was an amazing experience. You think of everything down to the tiniest detail to make sure it's a thoughtful and enriching experience for all. You always make everyone feel safe to share their struggles and challenge us to become better individuals without judgment in a loving Christian way. You're the best!

Glenda M, Retreat Participant

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