Urgent or Important?

It's another Monday morning. Like most weeks, I see my list of "To Do's" is longer than reasonably possible to complete. As I worked with a client this morning, I was reminded at what an important question the "urgent or important" is. We spend so much of our time and energy putting out the fires (urgent) items on our desk that we never really get to our priority (important) items. The fires burning seem to get our attention rather than not allowing ourselves to be sucked into fire fighting rather than leadership with purpose. Balcony time is so important. It is not only important for seeing the big picture and keeping it focused. But balcony time is also imperative in reflecting on progress, course correction and most importantly keeping us focused on our priorities. I often talk with my clients about their fire truck time or their helicopter (balcony) time. Then I challenge them to get in their 747 jet from time to time to get an even larger picture of their work and focus. These tactics and time with a mentor or coach remind us of the need and guide us through the process.  This is a practice that is both a priceless necessity and allows spaced to become visionary, focused leaders.

When is the last time you got on your balcony?  It is time?

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