Would you consider your church to be a praying church?  Now, I don’t mean a church with a prayer team that prays for the joys and concerns of those in the already a part of the congregation.  I also don’t mean a prayer chain or prayer calling tree.  I am also not talking about a church that has prayer concerns printed in the bulletin and/or newsletter.  While all of these ways of requesting praying are great, I am talking about something very different.

The type of thing I am talking about is a church that collectively and individually believe in the power of prayer and have a daily devotion to prayer.  A praying church is a church that falls to their knees as the first act of discernment, praise, and gratitude.  A praying church is a church that believes in the power of prayer.  A praying church is full of people who are happy to be called upon to pray at a moment’s notice.  A praying church is a church that does not have a paid pray-er on staff (clergy) to pray for them – all pray-ers and prayers are heard by God.

In Sue Nilson-Kibbey’s books, Flood Gates and Ultimate Reliance, she writes about the power of a praying church.  She shares stories of transformation that has occurred through what she refers to as break through prayers. God-led spiritual adventures are the results of praying churches according to her writings and experiences.  She encourages churches to pray for God to break through for church and community transformation – whatever that may look like – making this type of prayer very courageous.

During this unprecedented time in our world, can you imagine what could happen if we all became praying churches?  What if we, the church, were to lead a prayer movement starting in each of churches for our communities, country and the world?  What if we were to cry out to God to show us the way to bring peace, harmony, joy, and love into a world that so desperately needs it?  What if we were to prayer for direction on how the church needed to show up uniquely for such a time as this to help heal the world?  What if we became a church full of people who fell to their knees every day seeking guidance and wisdom on how God needs us to show up individually and as a church to lead towards unity, justice, and equality?  And what if we were to lead boldly as God illuminates the very pathway we have prayed to discover?

Can you imagine?  I can imagine!  And, I am loving what my imagination sees and thinks is possible with prayer.  How are your praying?  How is your church praying?  How will you and your church start a break through prayer initiative in your community?  This is not a time to sit on the sidelines and see what happens.  This is a time for the church to rise up, lead, and provide hope and encouragement for our broken world.  Imagine what our world can be!