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By Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford

Mission Possible, by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford, has been taken to a new level. In Mission Possible 3+, Kay and Blake have re-written and updated their best-selling resource for local churches to better assist congregations seeking to use the simplified, accountable leadership structure, often called the one-board model. 

The authors remind the reader that meetings are not ministry. The idea of the simplified, accountable leadership structure is to focus on ministry while making meetings fewer in number but larger in meaning. In this third edition of the bestselling book aimed at congregational leaders, particularly United Methodists, the authors provide practical, field-tested steps to simplify your church structure, practice accountable leadership, and unleash more people into ministry. 


Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford doubled the content of their best-selling resource for local churches to better assist congregations seeking to use the simplified accountable leadership structure, often called the one-board model.

In Mission Possible, Kay and Blake focus on ministry while making meetings fewer in number but larger in mean- ing. In this book aimed at congregational leaders, particular- ly United Methodists, the authors provide practical, eld-test- ed steps to simplify your church structure and unleash more people into ministry. Too often churches try to simplify their structures by just having fewer people at the meeting table. But real simplification and accountable leadership means that meetings – and leaders – are transformed. Kay and Blake walk you through both the technical and adaptive changes to simplify your structure for missional effectiveness.


Many churches do a good job at planning activities, but this is often not producing the effective and fruitful ministries churches had hoped for or expected. Instead, churches must go beyond planning activities to intentional and strategic planning for the church to be faithful to its mission.

As Lisa Greenwood writes, “Kay and Ken are challenging leaders to take time to pay attention to what God is doing and saying in their community and in their own lives, so the church can focus on the difference God is calling them to make.” 

This detailed and practical resource provides the step by step process for preparing, conducting, and following up for strategic ministry planning retreats that will lead your church into more effective, focused, and fruitful ministry.


Why is leadership so important? Why do we need solid leadership in the church? Why do we hunger so much for effective leadership? Competent leadership provides direction, accountability, guidance, and support. Leaders also provide motivation and direction toward a common purpose and goals. Leaders are cheerleaders for productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Good leaders are role models and mentors for developing leadership in others. Leaders strengthen the people and organization they are serving. Without leadership there is no forward momentum. The people and organization become stuck at best and often times decline. Leaders point and lead people towards the organization’s vision. Leaders are equippers. Leaders not only manage change and conflict well, they are sometimes the ones that initiate it because it leads the organization in accomplishing its mission and vision.

This resource pushes the envelope of the expectations of a traditional church leader. After all, we believe we have a crisis in spiritual leadership because we have been, indeed, playing it too safe. It is time to equip, release, and encourage gutsy spiritual leaders! God’s Word calls for leaders and calls leaders.

Launching Leaders offers two sections. Section One provides an in-depth look at each of the gutsy leadership traits. Section Two offers the process of how to develop leaders. Section One gives you the what. Section two supplies the how. Since we have sufficiently covered the why, let’s develop some gutsy spiritual leaders for Christ!

Being the Church in a Post Pandemic World

Opportunity is born out of crisis. The global pandemic has been horrific. No one could have predicted such chaos to occur for so long. Yet, there is opportunity, the proverbial silver lining. Crisis is an accelerator. The church was catapulted into the digital future. Some churches had no choice but to embrace technology they once refused. The church learned there are more ways to offer worship than we had previously imagined. We learned it is possible to engage people in online ministry that might never become involved in on-site ministry. 

The church learned that it could change, and it changed quickly. During a pandemic period, when everything seems to have turned upside down, there is an opportunity to stop some things that had not been working anyway, eliminate some things that were seemingly impossible in “normal” times, and start new things that might have been hard to imagine in the past.

As some churches began to resume on-site worship, another quandary came into being. How many of our folks will return? What does social distancing look like in a sanctuary with pews? How do we handle singing? What about the choir? Masks or no masks? What about our meet and greet time? How do we collect the offering?

As the church begins to emerge from the pandemic, our role is changing. It was already changing pre-pandemic, but the change is sure to escalate drastically post-pandemic. 

This resource is designed to serve as a guide to what conversations might be helpful for you and your church’s leadership. This book is to be used as a tool, not an instrument of judgement or criticism. This resource was created out of a heart full of love for the local church and the hope it will be helpful in finding our next faithful steps to being the vital church in the post-pandemic world.

Small Church Check-Up

Assessing your Churches Health and Creating a Treatment Plan

There are three types of small churches:  not yet big small church, stable community church, and smaller church.  Through a self-guided church assessment process, learn which of the three types of small church your church is and then choose one of the provided treatment plans for your church as a next faithful step. 

Gear Up

Nine Essential Processes for the Optimized Church

Churches can only be as effective in their mission as their processes are that support the mission.  This resource identifies the nine required processes to create a well-run disciple-making machine that a church needs to be.  Learn how all nine gears sync together for the optimized church.

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church

Over nearly a decade of hundreds of church consultations, patterns began to develop.  There were common obstacles that many churches were struggling to overcome.  In this book, we collected the top ten obstacles (aka prescriptions) we identified in those hundreds of consultations and share with each read the recommended remedy.  Learn from the experiences of other churches!

Building Worship Bridges

Accelerating neighborhood connections through worship

Worship services are to bring people into a worshiping community to praise God, be inspired, grow in their faith, be sent back out to share their faith with others, and bring people back with you into the next worship experience.  There are multiple pieces in building this worship bridge from creating the worship experience, creating a worship design team, creating the worship order, calls to action, the relational aspects before, during and after, and so much more.  This is a rich resource full of tactical and adaptive information to take your worship experience to a whole new level.

Get Their Name

Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships

Let’s face it.  We church people struggle to share our faith.  In this practical resource, learn how to share your faith story, become a 21st century missionary, and prepare your church to receive guests.  Not only is there a book, but there is a small group experience (participant and coordinator guides) with videos.  If you or your church is struggling to reach new people, this is a must-read!

The Necessary Nine

Things Effective Pastors Do Differently

In working with pastors across the country, we identified nine things effective pastors do differently than non-effective pastors.  We unpack those nine things and how they affect their leadership.  In addition, we identify the two things effective congregations do differently.  When those nine and two things come together, it is like lightening in a bottle!

Renovate or Die

10 Ways to Focus Your Church on Mission

This is our first writing together on church revitalization.  This resource sets the table for understanding why the church is in the shape it is in and why we need to not “redecorate” again, but we must renovate.  We need to look beyond the surface and dive deep into the culture and processes inside a church in order to find energy, momentum, and a sense of urgency to reach new people once again for Christ.