SAS Coaching Certification

SAS Coaching Certification

Coaches, districts, and conferences are finding the demand for SAS coaching to be high, but there is a lack of coaches who have been thoroughly, recently, and properly trained in the simplified, accountable structure.  SAS Coaches will be trained and resourced by Kay Kotan in the three Phases of SAS:  Discerning, Equipping, and Implementing.

Those who choose to become SAS Certified Coaches will also have on-going access to the latest resources and learnings as well as coaching and support from Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford.  SAS Certified Coaches will also be encouraged and equipped to work with districts and conferences and partner with District Superintendents, Cabinets, Developers, and DCM’s to partner e SAS roll-out processes and on-going training for their local contexts.


March 29-31 from 8:30-11:30 am Central


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