We are all human beings.  Imperfect people doing our best day in and day out to follow a perfect Savior.  On an average day, we struggle a bit to do so, but this past year it has been increasingly difficult – at least for me it has.  When everything seems to be uncertain, we might find ourselves living in fear, fighting addictions, feelings of loneliness or depression, or full of fatigue for what feels like an unsustainable time of liminality.  I have heard the term weariness more often in the past ten months than ever before when church leaders describe how they are feeling.  As we anticipated entering into this fresh new year, we had all hoped the pandemic would have been behind us by now.  While there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, we do still have a ways to go. 

With more inevitable uncertainty, change, and pivots ahead of us, how can we journey forward in a healthy way in this new year?  One strategy that is helpful for me to remind myself is to remember I am a human being not a human doing.   The Book of Genesis reminds us that we have been created in the image of God with a purpose.  I have been placed here at this time at this place by Christ with a purpose.  That purpose becomes my driver and the natural “Achiever Enneagram 3” plows full speed ahead.  Doing trumps being.

I am first a human being made in the image of God.  Spending time “being” with God, “being” a disciple, and “being” the hands and feet of Christ is first priority before the doing kicks in.  If we are only doing without first being, our tank will surely run dry.  We will become weary.  The road ahead may become foggy.  Our engine will likely be unable to sustain the journey.  Our transmission might start slipping.  Our tires will become flat.

As we usher in 2021, my prayer for both you and me is that we are both reminded and practice first being before we commence our doing.  If our “being” is filled up, tuned up, and balanced, our doing will become more purposeful, joyful, and life-giving.  How will you be more intentional in 2021 in “being?”