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SAS Overviews:


SAS Introduction Hosted by Discipleship Ministries

This two-session webinar series brought to you by Discipleship Ministries with leadership coach Kay Kotan and Rev. Blake Bradford, DS looks at how simplified, accountable leadership structure (often called the “one-board” model) can empower, equip, and set laity and clergy free to focus on the mission of making disciples of Jesus who change the world.

Session 1 

Session 2

Gear Up:


Small Church CheckUp:

Part One

Part Two

Grow By One Summit:

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Bridge Event Breakout Session–VmeMEDfC8&t=1s

Get Their Name Workshop:

Breakout Workshop

Evangelism Conference

Being the Church in the Post Pandemic World:

Podcast: Tuesday Talks with jason Stanley

Podcast Everyday Sanctuary

Innovative Cooperative Parishes:

Video with Rachel Gilmore  

IMPACT! Reclaiming the Call of Lay Ministries :

Presentation at Annual Conference

Michigan Workshop

Happy Hippie Jesus Podcast:

Developing a Discipleship Pathway:

Lewis Center Podcast

Multipliers Movement Panel Discussions:

Panel One

Panel Two

Panel Three 

Panel Four

Panel Five  Creating Multiplication in Leadership

Panel Six  Creating Multiplication in Individual Discipleship

Multipliers Movement Podcasts:

Warren & Carter:  People Over Property

Ken Nash:  Multi-site Ministry

Abigail Browka: Everyday Sanctuary

Benson McGlone:  House Church

Rachel Gilmore: Planting 2.