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SAS Overviews:


SAS Introduction Hosted by Discipleship Ministries

This two-session webinar series brought to you by Discipleship Ministries with leadership coach Kay Kotan and Rev. Blake Bradford, DS looks at how simplified, accountable leadership structure (often called the “one-board” model) can empower, equip, and set laity and clergy free to focus on the mission of making disciples of Jesus who change the world.

Session 1  What is a Simplified Accountable Structure (SAS)?

Session 2 How to Implement a Simplified Structure in Your Church.

Get Their Name Workshop:

Breakout Workshop 

Evangelism Conference 

Being the Church in the Post Pandemic World:

Podcast: Tuesday Talks with jason Stanley

Podcast Everyday Sanctuary 

Innovative Cooperative Parishes:

Video with Rachel Gilmore    

Happy Hippie Jesus Podcast:

The Best We Can

Developing a Discipleship Pathway:

Lewis Center Podcast  

Multipliers Movement Panel Discussions:

Panel One Multipliers Movement

Panel Two The Keys for Starting and Sustaining a Multiplication Movement

Panel Three The Key Characteristics of Multipliers

Panel Four  Leader Development Culture

Panel Five  Creating Multiplication in Leadership

Panel Six  Creating Multiplication in Individual Discipleship


Panel Eight Viral Copying


Multipliers Movement Podcasts:

Warren & Carter: People Over Property

Ken Nash: Multi-Site Ministry

Abigail Browka: Everyday Sanctuary

Benson McGlone:  House Church

Gina Mueller and Kyle Tennant: Discipleship Multiplication

Pastor Michael Scott: How to Multiply Income Streams & Ministry Simultaneously

Luke Edwards: Experience, Fresh Expressions & How to Become Church

Ken Nash: Marketplace Multipliers

Jason Moore: Multiplying Kingdom Impact Through Hybrid Worship

Brandon & Rachel Gilmore: Journey As A Clergy Couple

Rachel Gilmore: Church Planting 2.0