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Whether you are a business, organization or a church, you have come to the right place.  Kay Kotan offers a unique blend of non-profit and business experience.  She has a keen eye to quickly hone in on key issues that are stopping leaders and organizations from moving forward and reaching their goals. She is an incredible processes evaluator as well as being able to help her clients work through visionary/balcony thinking and dreaming.  If you strive to be more intentional and strategic, contact Kay to take yourself to the next level of who you were created to be and do!


Areas for Consultation Include:

  • Comprehensive Organizational Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission and Vision Alignment
  • Simplified, Accountable Structure
  • Systems Evaluation and Training
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development
  • Evangelism
  • And so much more …
My first interactions with Kay Kotan began over the phone. It was a gift that she was the coach assigned to me as a pastor. With her skills and insights we began a professional relationship that has added greatly to my ministry, now for years. When I was at a crossroads regarding a major change in my career, she was the one I called. When I began to work to revitalize a church, Kay was my first choice as the person to coach our congregation. Her ability to help us discover truth, think strategically and live into an ever changing culture continues to be invaluable in our growing church. Kay is a person of integrity, adaptability, leadership and compassion whose contributions to my ministry and my life have made a tremendous difference. I am grateful for that first coaching call.
Rev. Lori Lampert
The Downtown Church Missouri Annual Conference of the UMC

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Our vision is to be collaborative partners and equippers for pastor, laity, and congregations to build vibrant disciplying faith communities who are transforming lives and communities.

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