"Dip Your Toe"Cohort Experience

Boy on a pier with toes in the water

"Dip Your Toe" Cohort Experience

This Cohort Experience is for those churches who are curious about TheTable and Children’sTable and want to know more.  They are willing and open to “dip their toe into the water” to find out more and see if this ministry model is a good fit for their church.

This eight-session experience will guide leaders to explore the cultural shifts that are foundational to the TheTable and Children’s Table’s philosophy, vision, and goals.  During each virtual 90-minute session, participants will come together for a group learning time with other churches followed by breakout sessions with their own church team for processing. Each Church Team will consist of a minimum of four people and a maximum of seven people including the Pastor, Board/Council Chair, Youth/Children Leader(s), and other key leaders. The Cohort will be using Inside Out: Everting Ministry Models for the Postmodern Culture as their resource.  Each participant will need a copy of the book and will be added to your registration and shipped to your church.

Topics covered in this Cohort:

  • What it Means to Evert Our Ministries
  • Moving Away from Sunday-Centric
  • Moving Away from Building-Centric
  • Moving Away from Pastor-Centric
  • Moving Away from Offering-Plate Dependency
  • Becoming Emotionally & Culturally Competent
  • Moving Towards Christian Social Entrepreneurship

By the end of the eight-session experience, church teams will be able to determine if TheTable and Children’s Table ministry is a good fit for their church and make a decision on a grant application.  The cost for the Cohort experience is $300 per church team.  The grant is subsidizing $200 of the cost and the church is investing $100 upfront.  If the church moves ahead and launches a Children’s Table, the $100 investment will apply towards their launch.

Sign up today for your Cohort spot.  Cohort launch in two weeks!

Monday Nights Starting October 9th through November 27th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM

*** Please Note: The first 10 churches/groups to enroll will be enrolled for the 6:00 – 7:30 pm cohort. Churches/groups who enroll after the first 10 will be enrolled in the next cohort – Monday Nightst Starting Ocotober 9th through November 27th from 7:30 – 9:00 pm.