FOMO – it is a real thing!  We all have some level of the “fear of missing out.”  Yet few of us have thought about missing out on anything to do with COVID-19, right?  We would all love to “miss out” on this pandemic!  But as Albert Einstein stated, “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.”

What is the great opportunity for the church in the midst of this pandemic?  I believe there are numerous opportunities for the church!  Here are just a few for your consideration.  First, we have been able to show up in very unique ways to help people with food pantries, medication delivery, food delivery, birthday drive-by wishes, virtual learnings, and such.  Second, there has been tremendous innovation in being thrust into online ministry like never before.  The learning curve was steep, but so many churches showed up in such creative ways and continue to innovate weekly.  Third, churches have re-deployed staff and volunteers in unique ways to offer ministry in virtual means including children, youth, choir, small groups, and more. Fourth, this pandemic has broken us out of our churchy comfort zone.  It has forced us to get out of our rut and view the world from our neighborhoods rather than only our preferred pews from our steepled buildings.  Fifth, it is an unfrozen moment of time where we can’t go back to the norm (since it no longer exists) and we are not quite sure what is in the future as it is still be written for the church.  What will we do with this opportunity?  We may never have it again.  Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by.  Let us not meander back into the church building and go back to the way it always was.  Let us instead consider this as a unique opportunity in an unfrozen moment where we can start fresh with a new vision.  This is an opportunity to cast away all that was no longer effective and begin to dream of how we might introduce Jesus to new people in fresh methods that just might be more relevant and inviting.  Otherwise, you may indeed have a realistic concern for the FOMO!