Have you ever met a church that hasn’t reported some sort of communication issue?  I know I have yet to conduct a church consultation that communication on some level has not been cited as a problem.  While people are more digitally connected than ever before (most people have a phone in their hand or pocket at all times), communication seems to be more of a challenge than ever before.

When working with Leadership Boards in Simplified, Accountable Structure, we recommend placing the word “communication” on the agenda just prior to the closing prayer.  This is a simple reminder to close the gap on communication.  Here is the recommended process we coach our churches to use. 

The Leadership Board Chair processing the following questions with the Board Members:

  1. What decisions were made in this meeting?
  2. What is our shared messaging for those decisions?
  3. Who needs to be informed about those decisions?
  4. Who is the carrier of the messaging of those decisions?
  5. What is the mode(s) for sharing those decisions?
  6. What is the timing for sharing those decisions?

By using this process at the end of each meeting, the following gaps are closed:

  1. Any decisions are recapped so everyone can hear them again and they are recorded in the minutes.
  2. There is clarity around the decisions made. Ever been in a meeting with someone and you walked away with a completely different perception of the outcome of a decision than the other person did?  This process eliminates that issue.
  3. All Board Members have shared language (recorded in the minutes for reference) of how the decisions will be communicated accurately using same message.
  4. No one leaves with any assumptions that someone else is taking care of sharing the information when in fact no one left with that assignment.
  5. There is a shared understanding for the timing and mode for how the information will be shared.

This one simple process used at the end of meetings can literally be a complete game changer for churches.  It provides clarity, clear expectations, a succinct method to recap the meeting, and is a simple reminder of the importance for good communication.  Give it a try at your next meeting!