All Inclusive Package

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Who is it for?

The All-Inclusive provides the entire comprehensive process as it was intended and created for the optimal outcome of transformation.  The team at the Greatest Expedition coordinates the process and provides the support and people for the Expedition Teams’ journey.  

The All-Inclusive includes:

  • Virtual Launch Event for a minimum five and maximum twelve Expedition Teams
  • Expedition Guide (coach) for each Expedition Caravan (five Expedition Teams)
  • Monthly Expedition Team call with Expedition Guide and Caravan
  • New monthly ministry tool resource (book) for each Expedition Team member (up to ten)
  • Videos from ministry tool authors
  • Monthly MAP (ministry action plan)
  • Support and accountability from Base Camp
  • First price listed is for printed resource package and second is for digital resource package

Essentials Pack:  $6250/$5650 single team, $3350/$2850 per team in a Caravan 

Expansion Pack:  $4150/$3750 single team, $2250/$1850 per team in a Caravan