Essentials Pack

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Who is it for?

The Essentials Pack is designed for churches who might be feeling stuck or perhaps just not sure what to do next.  The church might be in decline or stagnant in growth. The congregation may have a burst of energy, but unable to determine how to faithfully direct this energy.  The church may have some ministry tools in place, but may be feeling like some of their ministry tools are outdated, in need of sharpening, or perhaps even needing a whole new ministry toolkit.  The Essentials Pack will likely best fit a small to mid-sized church ready to take their church to the next level.  However, a larger church that was once even larger or perhaps now feel they might need a restart could also benefit from the Essentials Pack.  

Ministry Tools

The Essentials Pack contains seventeen ministry tools wrapped in an eighteen-month journey of exploration, discovery, and implementation.  Each Expedition Team will encounter ministry tools such as how to prepare and equip the team (i.e. leader and team development and empowering laity), preparing for the journey by paving it with prayer, preparing like Wesley (how Wesleyan practices prepare us for today’s expeditions), how to assess the terrain (i.e. community assessment and cultural competence), how to assess the current climate (i.e. church systems effectiveness, simplicity, and nimbleness), becoming the needed pioneer for today’s culture, expedition accountability, pioneering innovations, tools to cut new paths of ministry (i.e. discipleship, evangelism, and hospitality, connection).  

Monthly Expedition

Each month the church’s Expedition Team will work through their monthly Expedition MAP (except the Starter Package participants) based on the ministry tool.  Each church Expedition Team member will first work individually through the resource.  Some months the Teams in the All Inclusive Package will be provided an extra video from one of The Greatest Expedition authors for additional learning time, inspiration, equipping, shift, or accountability.  The Expedition Team will then come together and work through the MAP together.  (Note:  The expedition focus is a commonly held destination or pathway rather than individually selected destinations by each team member.)   The MAP is a physical piece of paper folded like a road map that will be spread out on a large table in front of the entire church Expedition Team.  The purpose of the MAP is to assist the Expedition Team in processing their learnings from the resource, contextualizing it for their setting, and discerning if and how this tool should be applied to assist in their expedition.  The purpose is accomplished through a series of questions and activities that prompt the team through conversation, discernment, and decisions to create a resulting ministry action plan (MAP).