Partner Package

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Who is it for?

The Partner Package provides the bundling of the Greatest Expedition process and resources for a district, conference or other judicatory entity to execute on their own in accordance with the licensing agreement.* This package is for judicatory leaders who have the resources (i.e. coaches, coordinator) to recruit, coordinate, implement, and practice accountability on their own, but are looking for premium ministry tools offered within a top-quality, intentional, comprehensive process.  

The Partner Package includes:

  • License to implement process and access to the monthly ministry tool (book) and MAP for each Expedition Team (up to ten participants per team, bulk bundled)
  • Partner Package pricing for monthly ministry tool for up to ten participants per team
  • Partner Training Guide detailing steps and procedures to resource, implement, and coordinate The Greatest Expedition for your district, conference, or denomination
  • First price is for printed resources and second is for digital resources

Essentials Pack:  $2550/$2050  per team

Expansion Pack:  $1650/$1350 per team

Licensing Agreement and Training Guide:  $2500 one-time fee*

^Plus Monthly Shipping Cost or Save Big with Free Shipping on a Single Bulk Shipment for Printed Resources

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice