In this past year we have all likely been feeling a bit (or a whole lot) off balance, out of step, or wondering what lies ahead for us in the future.  At times it has felt disorienting, confusing, and perhaps even overwhelming.  I have heard the word weary used more often in the past year than I had heard previously in the totality of my life.  Weary is defined as beyond being tired.  It could also be defined as exhausted in strength or endurance.  What people have been describing to me when referring to weariness seems to be more of that exhausted in endurance definition.  What they thought would be some short-term sprints ended up being more long-term marathons of pivots, delays, learning new things, more disappointments, and further loss.

I must admit that in this past month, I have had difficulty keeping up with all that is going on in my life personally and professionally.  The pace is faster than I can run and just when I think I have caught up, a whole new race begins.  Yet, even with the overwhelm, I am growing every more optimistic.  It feels like the church and its leaders are beginning to awaken.  Awakened to new thoughts.  Awakened to new ideas.  Awakened to being a new kind of faith community.  Awakened to being a new kind of disciple-making disciple.  Awakened to not doing things the way we’ve always done them.  Awakened to new possibilities! 

We have been focusing on what is possible for the church in this post-pandemic time.  That is important work for sure.  Let’s not lose site of it.  And, let’s also remember this is also a time for us to see what might be possible for us personally in this post-pandemic time.  What is God making possible for you that would not have been possible in January of 2020?   What doors of possibility have been opened for you due to this time of disruption?  What windows of disappointment were closed for you before you slid through them and experienced the pain because of the pandemic?  What lessons or skills did you learn that will serve you well in the future because of the pandemic?

This is not about ignoring or glossing over how tough these past fifteen months have been.  Instead, it is about seeing what is possible in spite of how tough it has been.  You’ve come a long way!  Celebrate the victories.   Leave the baggage behind.  Heal the hurts.  Embrace the possibilities.  Step into the post-pandemic world with a sense of hope by embracing an openness for all that is now possible.  Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.  (Luke 1:37)