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Multipliers’ Movement Facebook Podcasts & Panel Discussions:

-7/21/22 – Imaginary Barriers We Put in Front of Ourselves and Our Ministries (Click Here)

-6/14/22 – How to Develop New Leaders (Click Here)

-5/12/22 – Hiring & Caring For Staff (Click Here)

-5/10/22 – Delve Deeper Into How the Church Needs to Continue Being About Relationships and Not Just The Sunday Morning Experience (Click Here)

-4/14/22 – Become Less to Become More Impactful (Click Here)

-3/29/22 – Brandon & Rachel Gilmore Talk About Their Journey as a Clergy Couple (Click Here)

-3/10/22 – Multiplication Thru Relationship Based Ministry (Click Here)

-3/9/22 – Discipleship Multiplication (Click Here)

-1/25/22 – Multiplying Income Streams & Ministry Simultaneously (Click Here)

-1/13/22 -Post Pandemic Multiplication – Part 1 (Click Here)

-12/9/21 – Multiplication in the Greenhouse with Brad Aycock (Click Here)

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