On Track or Derailed?

As I work with churches, I find there are definite "seasons" in the life of the church. Of course, we have been in the Lenten Season. The other big "season" is, of course, Advent. There are also other seasons not as significant in the life and rhythm of a church. These could be the summer season, back to school season, Thanksgiving, etc. Just as in life, there most always seems to be a "season" that we are experiencing. What I ponder is the continuous need for the underlayment of each season. We seem to overlook our mission and vision in the seasons of life and our church. Do we continuously allow our core values to guide us? Or do we allow a "season" to get us off track? Even in the seasons of life, do we stay true to who we are and what we believe? Are we staying on-course or do we get derailed? Does everything get put on hold or do things continue to run in the background? When we have a firm foundation, our mission, vision and core values can almost run on autopilot especially during special "seasons." If the foundation is not laid, we can get totally derailed and have to start over after a special "season." As we move towards the "summer season" when church life slows down, how are you staying on track or getting back on track with what is next? How can you create a rhythm in your life and church that stays on track in seasons? Spend some reflection time on this. It is sure to be a good investment for your future and the next "season!"

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