Expanding the Reach through Marketplace Multipliers


There is a growing “gospel gap” across North America and around the world. More people than ever do not have the opportunity to make an informed decision about Jesus or even know personally a follower of Christ. While we’re grateful for every spiritually interested seeker who begins their exploration by visiting a local church, much more often it is in the everyday places of life that they come into contact with those who winsomely and fully follow Christ. There has never been a significant movement of God without the significant engagement of lay people. When laypeople partner with pastors, the potential for Kingdom advancement intensifies. This leads to disciples making disciples (discipling disciples), people being empowered in faith, and equipped to grow so that God’s Spirit fills every part of them and ripples out into the lives around them. The authors of Marketplace Multipliers believe the marketplace, where believers and those yet to believe cross paths every day, provides an intersection for a multiplication movement. Best-selling author Kay Kotan, Wayne Schmidt and Carrie Whitcher seek to be one example of “clergy and laity” partnering together in order to fulfill the Great Commission to “Go and make disciples”. This book is part of The Greatest Expedition series, aimed at providing assistant to congregations who want to do more than “stay in place,” but to move out into the world.


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