Launching Leaders: Taking Leadership Development to New Heights


Why is leadership so important? Why do we need solid leadership in the church? Why do we hunger so much for effective leadership? Competent leadership provides direction, accountability, guidance, and support. Leaders also provide motivation and direction toward a common purpose and goals. Leaders are cheerleaders for productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Good leaders are role models and mentors for developing leadership in others. Leaders strengthen the people and organization they are serving. Without leadership there is no forward momentum. The people and organization become stuck at best and often times decline. Leaders point and lead people towards the organization’s vision. Leaders are equippers. Leaders not only manage change and conflict well, they are sometimes the ones that initiate it because it leads the organization in accomplishing its mission and vision.

This resource pushes the envelope of the expectations of a traditional church leader. After all, we believe we have a crisis in spiritual leadership because we have been, indeed, playing it too safe. It is time to equip, release, and encourage gutsy spiritual leaders! God’s Word calls for leaders and calls leaders.

Launching Leaders offers two sections. Section One provides an in-depth look at each of the gutsy leadership traits. Section Two offers the process of how to develop leaders. Section One gives you the what. Section two supplies the how. Since we have sufficiently covered the why, let’s develop some gutsy spiritual leaders for Christ!


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