As we have all discovered, a new future is before us.  Our post-pandemic world has created a new reality for us.  Much of that reality is yet to be revealed.  Are we ready to discover, explore, learn, and take the next faithful step into this new reality?

As a church, do you ever feel like you are trying to exist in a once familiar but now seemingly foreign world? A world in which you are no longer comfortable or understand? A land with treacherous and alien feeling terrain? What was once easily understood and accomplished is now murky at best and confusing at times. Therefore, we find ourselves no longer knowing what to do or even understanding where to start. What was once a slam-dunk effective ministry is now a dreaded ministry of obligation resulting in disappointing results and volunteer burnout. The maps of the bygone days of ministry are dusty, torn, and weathered. We have not sought (let alone seen a need for) a new map in years or possibly decades. Additionally, those old maps no longer lead us to our desired destinations of building new relationships with new people in our community. And, we have often lost touch with the people in our community. Our neighbors have become strangers – people we have no idea who they are let alone how to build authentic relationships with them.

Does this sound at all familiar to you or your church? If so, you are not alone! As Barna stated in their recent State of the Church Report, “the church is facing a disruptive time.” More and more churches are finding themselves in a place where they certainly have a heart to reach new people, yet they feel ill-equipped to do so. They lack the effective contemporary tools, maps, guides, compasses, and conditioning to be the church of today or tomorrow let alone the church for next year.

We believe The Greatest Expedition of all times – ever was or ever will be – is the expedition of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and leading other people to become disciples of Jesus Christ. As a disciple of Jesus, yourself, I am sure you will agree. Yet, you may feel as though you need some assistance with your journey in The Greatest Expedition to reach new Disciples.

If your church desires to explore new terrains, but might feel a bit ill-equipped to do so, check out the  A group of 19 thought leaders, professors and sought-after church coaches who have created 23 unique resources bundled into a journey with other churches and an Expedition Guide (coach).  There is no other experience that is so rich in content and experience.  Yet, you are able to choose your own adventure.  No cookie cutter approach.  Resources and coaching are provided, but your team will decide the pathway to take.

Don’t set out on your new expedition without some new tools, support of peers, and assistance from a coach.  This is not a season to set out.  This is a new season with so much new possibility!  Does miss out, but don’t wander into the wilderness without some back-up!