Simplified, Accountable Structure (SAS)

Simplified, Accountable structure (previously referred to as the single board model, minimum structure, or one board model) moves churches from four administrative committees (trustees, finance, staff-parish relations, and church council) to one Leadership Board encapsulating all responsibilities and authority of the previous four separate administrative committees in compliance with the UMC Book of Discipline in Paragraph 247.2.  Over the past dozen or so years, this model of leadership has evolved as more and more congregations have moved to this structure and learned how to incorporate the much needed accountable leadership.  Kay Kotan and her co-author Blake Bradford have helped thousands of leaders and hundreds of congregations across the country shift into this model through training, consulting, SAS Coach Certification, and their best-selling resource guide, Mission Possible

SAS Resources and Links

SAS Overview

If your church is considering moving to simplified, accountable structure, this video is just for you.  This video provides an overview of what simplified, accountable structure is and why a church might consider moving to this type of structure.  This overview does not intend nor should it be considered training for leaders serving into simplified, accountable structure.  The training to prepare leaders to serve is a full day workshop.  This video is simply to assist churches in being more informed before making the decision to move to this type of structure.
If you have any questions or are interested in training or coaching for simplified, accountable structure, please contact us.

SAS Accountability

SAS Leadership Boards often struggle with implementing accountability when moving to a simplified structure.  Since it is often not used, understood, or modeled, we have provided a training video to demonstrate accountable leadership at the Leadership Board level. 

SAS Coaching Certification

Coaches, districts, and conferences are finding the demand for SAS coaching to be high, but there is a lack of coaches who have been thoroughly and properly trained in the simplified, accountable structure.  Certified SAS Coaches will be trained and resourced by Kay Kotan in the three Phases of SAS:  Discerning, Equipping, and Implementing.  

SAS Certified Coaches will also have access to the latest resources and learnings as well as coaching and support from Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford.  SAS Certified Coaches will also be encouraged and equipped to work with districts and conferences and partner with District Superintendents, Cabinets, Developers, and DCM’s to create SAS roll-out processes and on-going training for their local contexts.  

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SAS DS Forum

Because SAS is implemented with approval of the DS, we see ourselves as partners with District Superintendents in providing training, resources, and forums to offer equipping opportunities and a time to process questions.  Recordings of previous DS Forums can be found here.

DS Forum 1

DS Forum 2  

To make sure you are informed about upcoming DS Forums, please provide your contact information here. 


SAS Coaching

If you are looking for a SAS Coach to help your congregation move into the SAS model of leadership, provide an audit of your current SAS Leadership Board, and/or just need some general coaching or equipping in SAS, please let us know. Coaching is provided by Kay Kotan, Brad Blakeford, and the team of Certified SAS Coaches across the country.  We can connect you with a SAS Certified Coach to meet your needs.