There is a growing recognition of the compelling need to move disciples beyond the walls of the church.  Furthermore, there is an affirmation of the high potential of the marketplace to be the place where the opportunity for people to establish a relationship with Jesus through the example and influence found in the relationships they develop in their daily environments with Marketplace Multipliers. 

Increasingly, people’s first exposure to the Gospel will not be in visiting a church in person.  We must therefore leverage the already existing life-on-life environments like those found in the marketplace.  It is in those life-on-life environments where we are more likely and able to multiply opportunities for people to establish a relationship with Jesus through the example and influence found in the relationships they develop. 

Marketplace Multipliers is a beyond-the-walls-of-the-church disciple-making movement.  Marketplace Multipliers are commissioned to be sent into the marketplace for this important and holy work.  They understand that what they do every day is an extension of their local church and do so in partnership with their pastor.  Marketplace Multipliers are intentional to integrate their faith and work to equip those around them in their workplaces, translating their influence into making disciples and multiplying the kingdom of God.  They do this in whatever career or areas of influence they are led into. God is at work where they work, so they serve the higher interests of the kingdom while leading with excellence in the marketplace.

While the name of Marketplace Multipliers might be new, the concept is not.  This is the way the Gospel has spread since the birth of the Church recorded in the book of Acts.  It is true the Gospel was shared by people like the Apostle Paul in the synagogues.  But every day Paul and other co-workers in Christ maximized their marketplace connections to share good news.  Two of Paul’s closest co-workers, Aquilla and Priscilla, also had a tentmaking business.

After this, Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.
There he found a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus.
He had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla
because Claudius had ordered all Jews to leave Rome.
Paul visited with them. Because they practiced the same trade,
he stayed and worked with them. They all worked with leather.
Acts 18:1-3 CEB

Together Priscilla and Aquila owned and worked in their family retail business.  Their work positioned them to share their faith.  Because their business could function in a variety of locations, they could reach out to new communities.  When not preaching and teaching we can imagine Paul, Aquila and Priscilla sitting together in Aquila’s shop as they plied their needles and fashioned or repaired tents. Paul found joy in partnering with Aquila and Priscilla for he was of the same craft and at times supported himself in this way trade.

If you find yourself being more curious about the Marketplace Multipliers movement, visit  You will find more information about the movement along with the link to pick up the book, Expanding the Reach Through Marketplace Multipliers, a video of our launch with Rev. Dr. Ken Nash, a major player behind the movement, followed by a Panel Discussion featuring key leaders talking about the importance of the movement.

To join the network of Marketplace Multipliers as an individual or by forming a group in your church – what we are calling a Huddle, sign up here. When you join as a Huddle, we will send you an information packet with step-by-step directions on how to launch your own Huddle in your local faith community.